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Yoko Inoue x niconeco Five Elements Washi Tape - Space(10mm)

$ 5.50

Our first collaboration with Japanese collage artist Yoko Inoue.  Yoko's abstract yet colorful style is truly one-of-a-kind. She uses various techniques, including cutting and pasting, layering, and digital manipulation to create her stunning works of art. Together, we've meticulously crafted each design to evoke the essence of each element and how it makes us feel.

The five elements of nature have been a system of classification for centuries, and each element is associated with unique qualities that guide our understanding of the natural world. We've infused these elements into our designs to create something truly special that you'll love to use in your creative projects and journaling.

Whether you're drawn to the stability and reliability of earth, the intuitive and fluid nature of water, the transformative power of fire, the freedom and communication of air, or the openness and potentiality of space, our designs are versatile enough to complement any style. We hope you enjoy our collaboration as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Dimension: 10mmx10M

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