We want to start rewarding our most loyal customers: Introducing necopoints! 

With this loyalty rewards program, you can earn points and discounts on any item in our store!

To start earning points, just register here.

By signing up, you’ll earn 500 necopoints, and you’ll earn an additional 50 points for every dollar spent!  

The more points you earn, the more each point is worth!  You'll be able to redeem the following dollar amounts gift cards for points at any time:

10000 necopoints
25000 necopoints
65000 necopoints
88888 necopoints


How to redeem your necopoints:

1. Click "Ways to redeem" button


2. Check your available rewards.




3. Click" Redeem" to reveal the code

4. Copy your coupon code


Easy-peasy!  We hope you enjoy this new feature of the shop and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


** In order to redeem reward coupon for $5 and $10, minimum $20 purchase is required.**


Happy Shopping!