TERANISHI Guitar Taisho Roman High Collar Ink - Salon de Violet

$ 28.00

Founded in 1916 Teranishi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. started manufacturing and selling fountain pen ink. In 2021, which is 105 years since the company was founded, they released “Guitar Taisho Roman High Collar Ink” with the meaning of returning to the origin.

Guitar Taisho Roman High Collar Fountain Pen Ink is a water based dye ink that is perfect for any writing project. Each ink has a smooth iridescent hue that dries creating a unique rich color. 

The are 7 colors available:

Opera Rose - A delicate red with notes of orange creating a romantic color

Nostalgic Honey - a vibrant orange that creates a subdued yellow ochre tone

Gentle Green - this green ink has hints of yellow that soften the color creating an antique vibe

Lady Emerald - the iridescence of the ink is very prominent in this very rich green

The Melancholic Blue - uses hints of purple and cerulean blue to create a deep blue shade

The Antique Black - contains subtle shades of burnt Sienna creating the perfect antique look

Salon de Violet - this rich dark ink shifts from black to different shades of violet 

Capacity - 40ml 

Package Size: 2.5"x3"xH2.5"

Made In Japan

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