Tag Stationery Ink Puddle - Round

$ 68.00

Indulge in the beauty of our meticulously crafted glass ink puddle, created with utmost attention to detail. This delightful piece showcases the timeless elegance of "Soda Glass," renowned for its unmatched durability and remarkable clarity. Designed with care, it offers a generous capacity of up to 2ml, ensuring an exceptional ink-holding experience.

Using this exquisite creation is a breeze. With the included dropper, effortlessly extract the ink and gently release it into the designated puddle. Take care to reposition the penpoint, ensuring that the nib remains elevated, safely above the glass bottom. Following these simple steps, you'll immerse yourself in the smooth, effortless flow of your daily writing instruments.

Dimension: 3"x2.6"


Made In Japan

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