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TROLLS PAPER Essential Notebook - Daily Dairy

$ 26.00

Daily Diary is a diary that can be used for 4 months. Made with iron binding then bound by thread, it can be unfolded 180 degrees so you can write comfortably. The cover of the notebook is made of cotton with the optimal ratio of cotton and pulp in consideration of the texture of the surface and the elasticity of the paper. It has 120g off-white paper from Munken, Sweden, which has been recognized for its writing quality and preservation of essential notes. The number of pages has been increased from 160p to 176p :)

TROLLS PAPER is a stationery brand that makes products that aim to inspire creators.   The designs seek a touch of color on quality paper and align with hand-made works rather than focusing on mechanical precision.  The brand seeks to innovate with for creator productivity.  For the safety of our environment, there is no vinyl or plastic coating. Application of ink printing is minimized to emphasize the natural pulped textures. The colors themselves are translated into design features.

Dimension: 5"x7.3"

176 Pages

FSC Certified Paper

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