niconeco x Kyupodo Milky Way Post Stamp Style Sticker

$ 5.00

We are beyond excited for our first collaboration with one of our favorite Japanese story tellers and letterpress studio - Kyupodo(九ポ堂).

Kyupodo has never stopped amazing us with their whimsical stories and adorable illustrations!  This sticker is inspired by their best-seller "Milky Way Post" series.  It's infused with many of our favorite elements of Japan, such as cherry blossoms, green tea, the red retro mailman bike, summer yukata time, the moon and endless stars.. Through the dark night sky, we hope you will find the enlightment and much more inspirations to your creative projects!

Perforated with easy peeling line backing

Dimension: (A6 sheet) 4.2"x5.8"

Made In Japan

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