niconeco Japanese Color Letterpress Notecard - Ura(裏色)

$ 8.00

Our second original letterpress notecard collection. Thoughtfully printed by our friends at OEDA Letterpress studio. A beautiful combination of vintage and tradition. Available in four colors; Ura(裏色), Aoni(青丹), Rikyucha(利休茶) and Hadoba(鳩羽色). 

The dark blue color in this collection is called "Ura Iro (裏色)". In Japanese, “裏” means “inner”.  “Ura Iro(裏色) is the color used to inner lining for traditional clothing. Also known as "Indigo", or "Japan Blue" in foreign countries.  

Made with “Half-air Cork" paper, it has a warm light cream tone and gives much more flexibility for typewriter users.  It is compatible with all type of writing instruments including water-based brush pens and fountain pens.  

50 Pieces

Dimension: 1.8"x3.7"

Made In Japan


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