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The Lotus Atelier Yura-No-In Stamp - Japanese Glass Wind Chime(風鈴)

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Well-made, unique and fun. Introducing these beautiful and petite “Yura No In” stamps from The Lotus Atelier(工房蓮). In Japanese, “Yura No” means “ The playful”, and “In” means stamps. “Yura No In” was designed to make the details of our daily creative projects more joyful and memorable. Hand-carved by skillful cratmen with 100% premier “Hon-tsuge” wood.

Who is "The Lotus Atelier(工房蓮)"?

"The Lotus Atelier" as 100+ year old family-run stamp shop, established in 1910 in Fukuoka, Japan, now on the third generation of family. The most interesting part of “Yura No In” is the rare material of which the stamps are made. “Yura No In” are made of “Hon-Tsuge(本柘” wood. In Japanese history, “Hon-Tsuge” is the most premium wood material available, reserved for the most formal stamps. “Hon-Tsuge” is composed a type of very rare tree that only grows in Kagoshima, Japan. The growth of the tree is very slow, usually taking about 40 years to become ready and strong enough for production. The fiber of the “Hon-Tsuge” tree is extrametly dense, which makes it ideal for long-lasting stamps.

Each piece has been hand-wrapped nicely and sealed with a cute label. Make it a little luxury stationery for yourself or a special gift for friends.

In order to make a perfect stamping, what type ink pad is most suitable for “Yura No In”?

We would highly recommend oil-based ink pads.  You can also find Japanese vermilion ink pads (朱肉印泥)in the shop.


The proper way when apply "Yura No In" stamps on our Japanese vermilion ink pads.

1. Do NOT plunge the stamp into the ink pad. Gently tap the ink with "Yura No In" stamp several times till you can see the stamp surface fully covered with ink.  

2. Lay a piece of cutting pad or thick paper to make it a nice cushion for the stamping.

3. Stamping straightly and firmly on the surface you want to stamp.  

4. Now you have a perfect image!  It may takes a couple times until to make the perfect stamping, but once you catch the key, it will comes easily and nicely!

Dimension: 1.2x1.2xH3cm
Made In Japan

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