KONOIRO Stamp Refill Ink - Red

$ 8.00 $ 5.80

The  Kodomo No Kao ink is available in 12 colors and each bottle comes with their own needle nose applicator and a convenient cap the attaches to the bottle. Each stamp also comes with (2) label stickers, so you can enjoy creating your own stamp labels. 

Stamping process tips:

  1. Using the needle nose applicator apply a good amount of ink on the designed areas of the stamp.
  2. Wait 10 minutes for the ink to settle into the image.
  3. Gentle and with care blot the excess ink with a tissue.
  4. Stamp until you get the desired result.
  5. Re-apply different colors of ink to get different color variations. 

Capacity: 3ml

Size: 1"x1.8"

Each package comes with 1 bottle ink, 1 needle point nozzle, 1 nozzle cap

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