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Kaweco Tin Box Nostalgic

$ 5.00

A perfect gift box to gift Kaweco lovers!

Also, the ideal box to storage your Kaweco pens.  The insert can also be removed and the box becomes a storage box. Each box can fit in 2 pens!

{ Tin short - Suitable Series}: Kaweco CLASSIC Sport, Kaweco ICE Sport, Kaweco SKYLINE Sport, Kaweco AL Sport, Kaweco AC Sport, Kaweco BRASS Sport, Kaweco STEEL Sport, Kaweco FROSTED Sport, Kaweco Sketch Up, Kaweco CALLIGRAPHY

{Tin long - Suitable Series}: Kaweco SPECIAL, Kaweco ELEGANCE, Kaweco STUDENT, Kaweco DIA2, Kaweco ELITE, Kaweco SUPRA, Kaweco PERKEO

Color: Gold

Material: Tin plate


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