Gift Wrapping Papertwine

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About Paperphine:
After years of experimenting and experiencing the unique qualities of Paper, Paper Yarns and Paper Twines. PaperPhine was founded in 2009, Vennia, Austria. Combining formal and informal training in a wide variety of textile techniques as well as paper making and bookbinding, the always curious and passionate PaperPhines are constantly looking for new ways to use their materials of choice, preserving and reviving old techniques and incoporating state-of-the-art methods onto their designs.
One of the finest natural-colored Paper Yarns available worldwide on a reclaimed vintage bobbin adds instant flair to your studio and home.

Paper yarn:
The Paper Yarn's diameter is only a fraction of an inch (0.01 in / 0,4mm) and there are countless possibilities to use it. Crocheting, knitting, scarpbooking, weaving, using it for decorations or elegant gift wrapping are just some of the ideas that come to mind. This delicate Paper Yarn is nevertheless quite sturdy. Thanks to its warm feeling and exquisite touch it's suitable for your most ambitious projects.  The yarn can also be dyed and colored easily.

The reclaimed bobbins were used in weaving mills in Austria and the US for the manufacturing of fine silks. Each of them comes with its own history. The tops and bottoms of the bobbins have various colours (red/dark blue/green/black/brown-beige) and are all about the same size (4.9 in x 3in (12,5cm x 7,5cm)) and each bobbin has a very good condition.


medium is about 0.02 in / 0.6mm, finest is about 0.01in/0.36mm

Length: medium 130 yards (120m), finest 230(210m)

Bobbin size: 2.4in tall

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