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Cikitacikii Handmade Paper Set - Square

$ 8.50

Cikitacikii is a paper brand from Pati, Indonesia, specializing in handmade textured pulp paper.

The paper is produced by artist Cikita, who crafts each piece using local scrap paper and unique tools, including a blender, to create beautiful textures, shapes, and pretty colors on this very unique paper.

Starting in 2019, she has spent countless hours achieving the perfect result through thousands of iterations and variations, including smooth paper, rough paper, thick paper, thin paper, with all kinds of texture and colors, including earth tones and pastels.

We find this paper compliments our journaling creations in a very special way and hope you can discover the joy and inspiration through her creations as much as we do.

Dimension: 6.5"cm x6.5"cm

25 pieces

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