Chapter ll: TRAVELER’S COMPANY CARAVAN in USA - ACE Hotel New York
This is the third time collaboration between ACE Hotel and Traveler's Company. I felt very lucky to be able to attend this event!  For some of you may never heard of
ACE Hotel before, here is a brief intro of ACE Hotel.
 Ace Hotel New York lives in a 1904 historic, turn-of-the-century building in Midtown Manhattan, invested with the spirit of its surroundings, the culture of the city and the ancient bones of the building.  Full of local art, thoughtful details and the best beds in the universe.
       The event was hosting for total 3 days in ACE Hotel. From 17th(Fri) - 19th(Sun) Nov.  Although I went there on a rainy Saturday afternoon, there were still a lot of TN fans there trying to customizing their own Spring ring notebook, stamping on their new refills.
The lineup from the entrance.  It was a bit dark in there, ACE Hotel truly repersent a nice retro New York vibe.
        Beautiful and unique refill covers illustrated by New Yorker artist Nicol Appel.
 A great use of Kangaroo Pockets.  Storaging and organizing cards, tickets and sticker etc.
Kangaroo Pocket Notebook from Midori. Made with paper, you can also write and mark on the pocket
      OK! It's time to make my own spiral ring notebook! Yayy!! :-P
           1st Step: Pick Your Own Cover
  I also choose these 2 pages as my opening pages.  Love the map and the camel illustrations!
  2nd Step : Pick Your Own Paper
 Soooo many choices of paper! I was lost in my own world...
        Interesting kraft paper!!
               Can't skip these!!
      Truly wished they has sticker out of these cool original illustrations!
        Last step, let the Japanese craftsman complete your Spiral Ring Notebook.
This last step requires many years of the experience and skills.
          And ta-daaaa!! Here it is all in one piece, beautiful and strong :-) 
 The paper I got for my notebook. So many colors, EXCITED!!
Beautiful colors!!
So many possibilities!! 
Gold & silver foil embossed Japanese Paper
There were about more than 50 different types of paper at the event.  I picked about 20.    
First page of my spiral ring notebook
   From Midori Bee Envelope Notebook
 2018 Regular Traveler's Notebook underlay  
      Kangaroo Pocket          
Make a simply layout for upcoming journal. Glad these bus ticket i saved from my Mexico trip come in handy!
  Yoko Inoue Collage Washi Tape from Classiky, favorite washi!  
  New discover of micropore paper tape,  love the skin color. Perfect used for collage and scrapbooking!
  Fuzzy surface.  You can write and stamp on it.
    Narita Aiport limited edition washi tape.  Fun facts about Japan, useful!
OSCOLABO Pattern x Shape Rubber Stamp
Simply decorated right side of my journal.  Now Let's go for left!
Traveler's factory's cute name card.  Got it from my last trip to Japan.
Just love these oscolabo pattern x shape stamps!!  Never run out of ideas to have fun with them!
These two are my current fav ink pads.  I got them when i was in Japan September, but i believe you can find them on Amazon.  
 I used STALOGY translucent sticky notes + niconeco zakkaya original "Enjoy the little things" rubber stamp.
             Ok, that was a little sharing and momeries from earlier days of this month.  Since It's almost Thanksgiving here in the US, i wish everyone have a happy and memorable holiday!! And i hope we will catch up soon through here! :-)  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  Talk soon!
        [ Find listed items in the article by clicking through links below ]
                                                       1. Traveler's Factory 2018 Underlay
                                                  2. KITTA Mix Slim Washi Tape Pack
                                                  3. STALOGY Translucent sticky notes
                                                  4. Stempel Jazz Pine Wreath Rubber Stamp
                                                  5. OSCOLABO Pattern x Shape Rubber Stamp      
     ACE Hotel New York
      Address: 20 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001
Phone: (212) 679-2222
 Don't fotget to stop by when you visit New York next time!



Karimah said:

Thanks for sharing!!! Is this an ongoing event at the hotel or do they travel to different places? I would love love love to experience this!!!


Siming said:

Hi Karmah, this was just an limited-time event that was hosted by Traveler’s Factory once a year. They were also hosting this even at LA this year. I hope next year they would visit New York City again! :-)


Melissa said:

Hi. Will there be any more ace hotel and travelers factory events? Thanks.


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