Tag Stationery Wooden Dip Pen Set - Ebony

$ 48.00

Tag Stationery wooden dip pen, complete with a convenient pen rest for added convenience. Designed to elevate your writing experience, this pen features 2 specially crafted dip pen feeds in collaboration with Tachikawa Pin Studio.

  • Chrome-plated finish feed: Enjoy a continuous writing flow with this classic feed. The back-mounted feeder allows ample ink accumulation, ensuring long-lasting writing with just one dip.

  • Nikko G Pen tin-plated feed: Experience precise and sharp lines with this feed. The tin-plated finish reduces ink consumption, resulting in clean and defined writing.

Choose from the exquisite Ebony wood, known for its deep black color and exceptional hardness.  

This dip pen boasts timeless designs and is carefully crafted with attention to detail.



Made In Japan

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