Classiky x Shunshun Washi Tape - France

$ 5.80

Introducing the latest addition to Classiky's collection - a brand-new washi tape designed by the talented Japanese Drawing Artist, Shunshun. Hailing from Kochi, Japan, Shunshun was born in 1978 and currently resides in the serene countryside of Hiroshima, Japan.

Shunshun's journey as an artist began in 2012 when they made the bold decision to pursue their passion for drawing. However, prior to that, from 2003 to 2011, Shunshun gained valuable experience working at an architectural company, honing their skills and exploring their creative side.

Now, with a wealth of artistic expertise and a deep appreciation for their Japanese roots, Shunshun brings their unique vision to life through this exquisite washi tape, offering a glimpse of the beauty and simplicity found in the Japanese countryside.

Dimensions: 15mmx7m
Made in Japan

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