Lamy ABC Calligraphy Fountain Pen

$ 26.00

Children who write with LAMY learn more easily - this is especially true of the LAMY abc learning-to-write system. It has been tried and tested by several generations as an age-appropriate introduction to writing. The combination of fountain pen and pencil was developed in close cooperation with educators and is therefore specially adapted to the needs of children. The ergonomic grip promotes a healthy pen posture and supports the development of fine motor skills. With the LAMY abc, you help your child lay the foundation for relaxed, fluent and neat writing - for life.
Child-friendly learn-to-write fountain pen with polished steel nib. Non-slip, ergonomic grip, high-quality cap and roll-stop in the shape of a cube made of high-quality plastic. Robust body made of maple wood. Available in different nib widths and also for left-handers. Including 1 ink cartridge LAMY T 10 in blue.
Recommended accessories: LAMY Z 28 converter for use with ink glass.

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