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Type Face HardCover Notebook - Gills Sans(Grey)

$ 34.00

Presenting this remarkable hardcover notebook, thoughtfully designed with a compact size for easy portability from Letterpress Letters Studio in Tokyo. With its durable cover, this notebook is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring long-lasting use for all your writing endeavors.

Featuring an impressive 365 pages, this notebook provides an abundance of space for your thoughts, ideas, and memories to unfold. Each page is meticulously adorned with printed page numbers, showcasing the exquisite antique wooden letterpress typeface.

Whether you choose to utilize it as a personal diary, a beloved book reading logbook, a trusted cooking recipe companion, or a cherished record book to capture your child's growth, the versatility of this notebook knows no bounds. It eagerly awaits to accompany you on your unique journey, allowing you to create, reflect, and pen down your thoughts with ease.

Dimension: 4.3"x6"

365 pages. Numbered for each page.

Fountain pen friendly.

Letterpressed in Japan

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