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Kousaido Incense Sticks - Hasu & Kaeru

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 Set against the backdrop of Kyoto, a city adorned with a long history and rich culture, Kousaido is rooted here, dedicating itself to creating fragrances that reflect the elegance of Kyoto. It started with the desire to bring a bit of tranquility and healing to the daily lives of people living in today's busy society. Through fragrance, Kousaido aims to deliver a richness to your heart.

Kousaido's scent collection are crafted luxuriously, using white sandalwood as a base and blending it with natural fragrances. They are characterized by their low smoke and soft diffusion. Find the scent that suits you not just through smell but by listening to your heart as well. We hope our fragrances can add a rich palette of colors to your everyday life.

Scent description: This incense stick is crafted with a frog motif, considered a symbol of good luck, and is designed to evoke the refreshing, splendid scent of lotus flowers. 

Dimension: 155x37x25mm.

50 pieces

Burning time: 20-25 minutes.

Made In Japan

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