Traveler's Company Spiral Notebook - Watercolor Paper(A5)

$ 15.00

With a blank kraft cardstock cover and brass spiral ring binding, it exudes an understated charm that evokes a longing for old-fashioned adventures in the remote corners of the Earth. Whether you choose to use it as an art journal, sketchbook, or a canvas for crafting collages with tickets and photos, this notebook is ready to accompany your creative journey. 


- Protective cardstock cover for a touch of nostalgia and style.
- Fountain pen friendly, acid-free, and resistant to feathering and bleed-through.
- Lightly textured paper suitable for pencil and ink.
- 32 blank pages
- Handbound with a single spiral ring (Copper color)
- Dimensions: H 8.5" x W 5.1" x D 0.70"

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