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Sanae Sugimoto Book - AGEHA

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Growing up surrounded by sea and mountains, Sanae Sugimoto was born in Tottori, Japan in 1975. After studying oil painting at college in Kyoto, she now lives and works in Fukuoka. In addition to creating fine art that she exhibits extensively in Japan, Sanae also creates commercial work for packaging, logos and magazines. 

'AGEHA' - A Stunning Art Book by Sanae Sugimoto

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of 'AGEHA,' a breathtaking art book created by the talented Japanese illustrator, Sanae Sugimoto. Known for her ethereal illustrations crafted with delicate brushwork using charcoal and red ink, Sanae's art takes you on a dreamlike journey.

This meticulously designed book is a true masterpiece, showcasing 24 captivating artworks from Sanae's renowned exhibition held in Tokyo back in 2018. Each illustration is accompanied by a title and/or caption presented in both Japanese and English, allowing you to delve deeper into the artist's inspiration.


Offset Print, Letterpress print

Artworks & Texts by Sanae Sugimoto

Language: Japanese / English

60 Pages, Hardcover with linen fabric

Dimension: Approx. 8" x 6.5 "

Printed in Japan

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