niconeco Japanese Color Letterpress Notecard - Rikyucha(利休茶)

$ 8.00

Our second original letterpress notecard collection. Thoughtfully printed by our friends at OEDA Letterpress studio. A beautiful combination of vintage and tradition. Available in four colors; Ura(裏色), Aoni(青丹), Rikyucha(利休茶) and Hadoba(鳩羽色). 

“Rikyucha(利休茶)” is a traditional color inspired by the process of grinding green tea into powder and the color changes by times from light green to light brown.

Made with “Half-air Cork" paper, it has a warm light cream tone and gives much more flexibility for typewriter users.  It is compatible with all type of writing instruments including water-based brush pens and fountain pens.  

50 Pieces

Dimension: 1.8"x3.7"

Made In Japan


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