Midori MD Notebook Cotton

$ 30.00

This notebook boasts MD Cotton paper with 20% cotton pulp, offering longer, thinner, and more absorbent cotton fibers compared to wood pulp. Its light texture provides a pleasant tactile experience for writing and sketching.

Made in Japan for an exceptional writing experience, MD paper is rigorously tested to resist bleed-through, feathering, and is fountain pen friendly. The notebook features a robust thread binding that lays flat when open, enhancing ease of writing, and includes a handy ribbon marker. Unlike typical notebook covers, this one showcases the exposed cloth tape spine, adding a unique touch. Sticker labels are also included for organization.

Utilizing Midori's "F" sizing system based on the golden ratio and French canvas standards, this MD cotton notebook is ideal for sketches and motifs.

- 100 sheets of Midori MD Cotton paper.
- Blank sheet style for versatile use.


F0 - 5.5"X7''

F2 - 7.5"x9.4"

F3 - 8.3"x10.7"

Made In Japan

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