Ferris Wheel The Joule Fountain Pen - Luna Celeste

$ 198.00

Introducing the Joule Fountain Pen, the epitome of creative energy within the Ferris Wheel Press cosmos. This remarkable creation marks Ferris Wheel Press's debut into full-sized writing instruments, meticulously fashioned from brass and adorned with a dazzling clear Sapphire Lacquer finish.

The Joule proudly bears the distinction of receiving Lord H.H. Evergreen's Loyal Warrant, a symbol of unparalleled quality and prestige within the Ferris Wheel Press realm. Endorsed as the preferred tool by Lord Evergreen himself, it instills a sense of empowerment as you inscribe your

Premium Top Grain Leather carrying sleeve included.

Nib size: Fine

Technical Specifications: 

  • Sapphire Lacquer finish
  • Nib: Two tone stainless steel #6 in Fine, removable feeder
  • Full brass body 
  • Brass Grip with intricately engraved double gold plated details
  • Total length: 146mm
  • Total Width: 15mm
  • Cap length: 55mm
  • Grip length: 24mm
  • Total weight: 45g
  • Filling System: International Standard sized piston converter 

Filling/Changing Ink Colors:

  • Unscrew to remove the barrel from the grip section and access the converter.
  • Place the fountain pen nib fully into cold water. Flush the nib by twisting/untwisting the converter until the water runs clear.
  • Allow 1 day to dry.
  • Fill a new color by fully submerging the nib and feeder into the ink, then draw the ink into your pen but twisting the converter until you’ve reached the top position.

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