Ferris Wheel Press Professional Calligraphy Ink - Pressman Grey

$ 20.00

Indulge in the art of penmanship with Ferris Wheel Press’ all new line of professional calligraphy inks, created to celebrate life’s most momentous occasions. Crafted with the finest pigments and carefully formulated for a consistent and reliable writing experience, Ferris Wheel's newest line of calligraphy inks offer an exceptional level of quality suited for all professional applications.

Join Grizzelda Bearrington and her business partner Barclay Berry on an extraordinary adventure as they prepare for the grand opening of their letterpress print shop. With ink-stained paws and hearts full of creativity, they carefully typeset their bespoke invitations, ready to reveal their masterpiece to the world. Let the rich, lead-grey ink inspire your next journey, brimming with creativity and friendship.


Ink Tone: Opaque Grey

  • Opaque pastels - formulated for legibility on black paper stock
  • Waterproof acrylic ink
  • Smudge Resistant


  • NOT FOR USE in fountain pens, rollerball pens, with feeder systems. Use with dip pens, brushes, washable instruments only.
  • Shake well before use. If ink has been left still for a prolonged period of time, stir ink to reincorporate pigments that have separated. Please note, separation is normal for calligraphy inks.
  • To clean, use isopropyl alcohol to dissolve dried ink. If dried ink persists, leave to soak in alcohol briefly and wipe clean.
  • Avoid getting ink on fabrics, ink will penetrate fibres and cannot be removed.


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