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Belinda Love Lee Handmade Notebook - A Big Book of Important Notes(White)

$ 58.00

Belinda Love Lee is a distinguished design and letterpress studio based in Canada, specializing in the creation of distinctive and tastefully understated works. With expertise in hand lettering, logo design, and the art of letterpress, Belinda Love Lee has earned recognition for her hand-drawn simplicity, effortlessly captivating aesthetics, and profound appreciation for the finest paper textures. A pivotal aspect of her work process lies in infusing personality into every project.

Notably, each book crafted by Belinda Love Lee undergoes meticulous letterpress printing on 120gsm cotton paper rag, ensuring a refined and luxurious feel. Her designs are masterfully conceived to leave a subtle yet enduring impact, allowing for lasting impressions to resonate with viewers.

Dimension: 4”x7”

180 sage color blank pages.

Hand bound.

Handmade with love in Canada

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