Aiko Fukawa x niconeco Collaboration Tote Bag - Sweet Home

$ 32.00

Our first collaboration with one of all time favorite Japanese illustrators, Aiko Fukawa.  She creates art for advertisements, book covers, stationary, magazines, and children's picture books with her vibrant, cozy and heartwarming drawings.  She loves animals and nature and it’s not hard to find these elements have become the main characters from the stories under her pen.  

Our tote bags are made in the US by the same manufacturer we use for our own niconeco totes.  These totes are not only adorable, but also sturdy and long-lasting. They can be the perfect everyday bag, or a thoughtful gift to your beloved ones!


Mini Tote -  10"W X 7"H X 3”D

Market Tote - 10"x12"x3.5"

100% Cotton

Made In The US

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