Thoughtfully Made with OEDA Letterpress

Hello fiends, some of you may have already recieved a beautifully illustrated store flyer with your online order or in-store shopping. We recieved many compliments on the drawings and the paper as well. Today I would like to give a big Thank You to my dear friend, Masako-san, the owner of OEDA Letterpress 😊 for creating such lovely piece for us! I had an opportunity to met up with her in Tokyo during my last trip to Japan. We chatted about fun ideas and possibilities for creating our original letterpress paper goods. This is how our first original letterpress paper goods journey started.

I have always wanted to create something that can share our story with more people: how we started, our beliefs, and also a memorable little note that can be cherished in journals and brighten up your day when you find it in your order😌 Masako-san has turned my ideas into reality once again! I gave her some of my 3 years old sketches, 😆and she turn it into something brilliant! We printed them in Japan, with an old school printing method referred to as ”Retro Printing” which I haven't seen anywhere else. You'll find the paper has vibrant speckles and is more delicate than regular paper. It's a limited edition paper called “Orihime (織姫)”, meaning “The Weave Queen”.



I hope everyone will love this beautiful piece as much as we do and every time you see it, no matter where you are, that it reminds you to stay creative and enjoy the little things! 



 Stay safe and Happy Holidays!<3




Layali said:

I just received a package yesterday and I loved the store flyer with your story in it. It’s so beautiful. Thank you for the simplicity and beauty of everything


Alma said:

Received my first purchase from your store and it has all been an amazing experience! From the shopping to the opening of my package. The flyer is yet one more beautiful thing to appreciate thank you so much for all the effort you put into everything.

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