Habotan Handmade Clay Figures and Japanese Incense!
Hey friends, here to add a little more excitement and fun to your weekend. we're excited to share that we've just got some super adorable clay figures in the studio, all the way from Tokyo! They're made by Habotan, an artist who's really good at turning her playful ideas into these unique little characters. Each one's got its own style and vibe, painted by hand with a lot of care and love.
These little guys are perfect if you're looking for a special gift or just want to add some fun charm to your desk! As you might be aware, these handmade treasures take time to restock – sometimes up to 3-4 months, just like we waited for this batch. Make sure to grab yours before they disappear!
Another happy news to share is we've also added some Japanese incense to our collection, something our New York locals have been asking for quite a bit :) Lighting an incense stick in the morning, especially with white sandalwood and hinoki blends, is my favorite way to start the day. They offer an earthy, woodsy aroma that’s just right - present but not overpowering. Hope you love these little treasures we curated as much as we do and have a great day!

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