YAMAMOTO Unique Japanese Paper Testing Pack - Pink

$ 12.00

This product was inspired by the people who love writing and also are passionate to learn and experience more with Japanese paper.  This Paper Tasting pack is thoughtfully designed by YAMAMOTO Paper as a test writing paper pack to "taste" writing experiences. It comes with 3 different types of unique Japanese paper.  It also comes with detailed descriptions of each type of paper classification in English and it gives information for suitability when use different type of pens! 

You can also use this paper pack to keep notes, for scrapbooking, journal decoration, collage and any paper crafting projects!

Paper tasting Pink vol.1 Including:

B7Polka Laid 

A6Mag Color Rose-Peach 

B6Raicho Color Jumpaku Peach

25 sheets each

Made In Japan

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