WACCA Kokon Sousou(古今双双) Letterpress Card Set - Salmon Pink

$ 18.00

This is a beautiful letterpress handmade paper card set by Japanese paper specialist, Wacca.  This uniquely printed card set “Kokon Sousou(古今双双)” is a limited edition,specially made for a well-known Japanese paper event that hosted every year in Tokyo called ”Kamihaku(紙博)”. 

Ko Kon(古今)” means both “The ancient” and “The modern” in Japanese . “Sousou(双双)” means togetherness and alignment. This card set is Inspired by the idea of combining ”The ancient” and “The Modern” into something one of a kind and memorable.  The traditional Japanese illustrations on each card are carefully retraced from The Edo Period (1603~1868) “Woodblock printing” prints.  The Handmade “Tesuki(手漉き和紙)“ deckle edged paper is well-balanced with traditional illustrations to complete the card set with even more warmth and natural feel.      

Woodblock printing” is a technique for printing text, images, or patterns used widely throughout East Asia and originating in China in antiquity as a method of printing on textiles and paper. "Ukiyo-e" is the best-known type of Japanese woodblock art print.



Postcard: 4"x5.8"

Made In Japan

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