UMITATE TAMAGOYA Mini Card Set - Medical Tools

$ 6.50

“UMITATE TAMAGO(生みたて卵)” means “Freshly laid eggs” in Japanese.  This unique paper goods brand is created by Araki Mizuho with a one of a kind edgy theme that is inspired by the world of medicine.

Araki Mizuho started her creative career in 2001, initially, influenced by a part time job she held in a dental clinic while still a student. This had a great impact on her works. Since then, she began to have a strong desire and passion for everything related to medical history and designs. 

She names her brand “freshly laid eggs” as a humorous way to express her determination and endless ongoing inspiration in creating.

4 illustration, 3 pieces each

Dimension: 3.5"x2"

Made In Japan