TAKEO Dressco Onion Skin Notebook(A6)

$ 24.00

Introducing Dressco Onion Skin Paper Notebook!  Made by TAKEO Paper established in Tokyo, 1994.  “Dressco” brand is a branch of TAKEO Paper. They are thoughtfully designed to be more close to our daily writings and creativities through the harmony and beauty of different textured and colored paper.  

Onion Skin Paper, my all-time favorite writing paper and craft material.  It is crisp to the touch like the outer skins of an onion, hence the name.  Although it is a very thin and lightweight paper, it is extremely strong and durable.  its uniform fiber formation and 25% cotton fiber content, it takes inks very well and will not bleed through.  The appearance of Onion Skin paper is unique as well.  It is air dried during the manufacturing process, and as a result has a finish of cockled onion skin paper. Cockled paper has a slightly wavy, handmade feel to it, along with a mildly dimpled finish. 

As it is slightly translucent, it can be used as tracing paper but also commonly used as a typewriter and calligraphy paper. It’s suitable for writing with fountain pens, watercolors, marker pens, and can be embossed or glued, allowing almost unlimited craft project applications.

PLEASE NOTE:  Please be aware that this is not a large sized notebook.  It is slightly larger than Traveler’s notebook passport size and the similar size as the Midori MD paper notebook A6 size.  

Dimension: 108x152mm(4.2"x6")

300 pages

Made In Japan

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