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Tag Stationery Fumisome Leather Fountain Pen (Black)

$ 158.00

\Introducing a masterpiece of craftsmanship, the soft-touch fountain pen adorned with elegance. Its body, crafted from solid brass in Japan, embraces the essence of timeless beauty, lovingly enwrapped in supple, natural tanned leather.

As you hold this remarkable creation, the weight of the brass harmonizes effortlessly with the unique thickness and velvety smooth texture of the kip leather. A perfect match, it nestles comfortably in your grasp, invoking a profound connection between instrument and writer. With each stroke, the pen breathes life into your words, making the act of writing an enchanting dance of joy and authenticity. It effortlessly channels the sentiments of the holder, transforming the simple act of writing into a captivating experience, both delightful and natural.

Nib size: Fine

1 Schmidt converter included

Pen barrel made in Japan, pen nib made in Germany.

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