Snow Pond Handmade Ceramics - Balloon House No.2

$ 42.00

 Snow Pond is an awesome little shop that sells handmade ceramics made by Katie Branes, the shop's owner, in her local ceramic studio. You can find Snow Pond in mid-Missouri part of the year and in Western Massachusetts for the rest.

Katie's been throwing clay on a pottery wheel since her college days in 1998, taking a break here and there, but getting back into it in 2016 and hasn't stopped creating ceramics since. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Katie's local studio had to shut down, but that didn't stop her from making art. Luckily, the studio started offering "garage pick-up," so members could take clay home, work on it, and bring it back to be fired. So with a bag of clay and a passion for creating, Katie and her kids started making all kinds of handmade objects, including a miniature house. Katie loved these tiny houses so much that she kept making more and more of them, resulting in a huge collection of unique pieces that she now shares with the world.

Dimension: (approx.)2”x1.2"

1 Piece

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