Marie Leman Handmade Ceramic Brooch - Flower

$ 18.00

These cozy and one of kind ceramic objects are thoughtfully handmade by the talented ceramic artist - Marie Leman.  Grew up in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Love autumn, hometown and the language of French.  All things that bring ease and warmth to life.  She fell in love with clay at a very young age. 

Maison du coeur (french 'Home of a heart') is a place inside you for joy and love for life, is a space for admiring the world. That’s what she would like to share through her creation – the feeling of life as a miracle and bring the warmth to as many people as she can reach through her lovely creations. All of her works are one of a kind ceramic pieces made completely by hand. There’s a story behind each object that makes it alive and unique.

Approx. 1.2"x1.3"

** The price is for 1 piece**

Handmade In Saint Petersburg, Russia

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