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La *eko Handmade Japanese Hinoki Wooden House

$ 30.00

Hand carved Hinoki Cypress wooden houses by Japanese artist - Eko Mizuno.  Each piece is uniquely handcrafted with love and care.  

Hinoki is one of the most elegant types of wood in Japan. This tree is a type of cypress that is considered sacred and only grows in this part of the world. Hinoki has been used since ancient times in Japan as a construction material to build temples and shrines. 

The scent of Hinoki wood is refreshing, comforting and warm.   It evokes a sense of deep calm, like when walking through a crisp fragrant forest. It's often associated with relaxation and meditation, and is rich, woodsy, and smooth without being overpowering.

Hinoki cypress also has antibacterial, insects repelling and deodorant effect.

Dimensions(approx.): 2"x.4"

Handmade In Japan

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