Kobe Story Ink 50ml - Hirano Gino Romance Grey #59

$ 35.00 $ 31.50

The Kobe story inks are made by Sailor for the Nagasawa department store in Kobe, Japan. The origin of Kobe Story Inks is based in the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake.  This led Naojuki Takeuchi an employee of the Nagasawa stationery centre to launch the Kobe Ink Story range starting in 2007 with Rokko Green – reflecting the dark green forest of Mount Rokko.  Takeuchi is now in his early 60s but has added a new colour every few months, over 50 inks have now been created.

Dimension: 2.6"x2.6"x2"

Weight: 170g

Glass bottle

Made In Kobe, Japan

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