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Hobonichi Techo Tomitaro Makino Planner Cover - Koshinso(A6)

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Hobonichi Techo makes planning everyday effortless and exciting with their selection of lay flat books and yearly upgraded spread formats. Every book is constructed using Tomoe Paper a thin but highly durable bleed resistant paper making it perfect for all pens and fountain pen ink. 

About Botanist Tomitaro Makino

Born April 24, 1862 in present-day Sakawa Town, Kochi Prefecture. Raised in the rich natural surroundings of Tosa City, he began to study botany independently as a young child. Moved to Tokyo and devoted himself to botanical research through the Department of Botany at Tokyo University’s Faculty of Science.
Founded “The Botanical Magazine” with a close friend; they collaborated to publish their discovery of the flowering plant Yamatogusa in 1889. Collected over 400,000 specimens during his 94-year lifespan, and named over 1,500 discovered species. Known as the “Father of Japanese Botany.”


Dimension:  H: 6.4" x W: 9.3" x T: 0.1"

Weight: 47g

Material: Linen


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