Hobonichi Techo Cousin Set - Leather: TS Basic - Black

$ 210.00

Hobonichi Techo makes planning everyday effortless and exciting with their selection of lay flat books and yearly upgraded spread formats. Every book is constructed using Tomoe Paper a thin but highly durable bleed resistant paper making it perfect for all pens and fountain pen ink. 

This black leather planner cover was created with graphic designer Taku Satoh, who is in charge of the Hobonichi Techo’s design director.  TS stands for the initials of Taku Satoh. Out of all the various Hobonichi Techo covers, this cover has been a  popular model for over ten years.

The fine texture of the matte cow leather is soft from the first time you use it and fits comfortably in your hands. The smooth feel as you hold it in your hands is another characteristic of this leather.

  • Bleed resistant Tomoe Paper
  • Lay flat binding makes writing and drawing easy
  • Printed in charcoal gray and red
  • Language: English
  • Starts in a January-start with Monday-start calendars
  • Daily quotes: One quote per two pages
  • Fits perfectly in the Hobonichi Techo covers of your choice
  • 8 memo Pages
  • Yearly Index: Dec.2022 - Mar.2024(8 pages)
  • Monthly Index: Dec.202 - Mar 2024(32 pages)
  • Weekly Pages:  Dec.26,2021 - Dec 31,2023(106 pages)
  • Daily Pages: Jan.1 - Dec 31,2023 (377 pages)
  • Bonus feature: Daily quotes, important contact, international size chart, express yourself in Japan, moon phases


Cousin (A5)H: 8.3" x W: 5.8" x T: 0.7”/ 544 pages/ 3.7mm graph paper

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