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HISANAYA The Gemini Star Seal - Scorpio & Bird

$ 4.80

A unique paper atelier run by husband and wife since 2008, the design of HISANAYA's products are detailed, intriguing, and truly one of kind.  Each piece from HISANAYA studio is mostly made by hands with love, thought, and care.  Enjoy the quality of their beautiful work, the thoughtfulness of the stories behind each piece, and don't forget to experience the beauty of Japanese culture and arts.

The charactors printed on this beautiful seal is inspired by Japanese famous writer Kenji Miyazawa's novel ー The Gemini Start.  You can use them to decorating mail art, journal and packaging. 

Choose from kraft or cream paper.

Dimension: 3x3in, 10 pieces.

Handmade In Japan

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