Hanen Studio x niconeco SHIKI(四季)Japanese Paper Sticker Set

$ 9.30

Celebrate the four seasons with Nico Neco Zakkaya and Hanen Studio! The essence of the seasons are translated into the new four piece wood block rubber stamps and sticker collections.

The thoughtful translations of each season is highlighted by the unique color palette used for the sticker set. Spring and Summer explore muted pastel tones depicting the whimsical nature of the outdoors on a soft cotton paper. Autumn and winter will enlighten your project with deeper shades of cranberry and green candle shapes capturing the tranquility of the night on a gold and silver foiled flecked Japanese paper. 

Dimension: (A6)4"x6"

Die-cut stickers

4 sheets: gold foil Japanese paper 2 sheets, cotton paper 2 sheets

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