Francesca Iannaccone x niconeco Stamp Style Sticker - Slow Living

$ 4.00

Francesca Iannaccone is a freelancer illustrator from London who designs products, publications and her own line of art prints and cards. 

Her illustrations tend to be bright and colorful with layered textures and sharp, clean graphics.  Her obsession with balance, combined with a softer, natural palette gives her art prints a calm, meditative quality, which breaks down detail into shape, color and pattern.

It all started with the great opportunity to purchase my first print from her 2 years ago to decorate my house.  Her works speak to me, the tones, shapes and the balance in the art is so me. I fell in love with her creations immediately, and since then I have always wanted to have the honor and opportunity to work with her. This is a dream come for me and niconeco zakkaya!

The theme of our collaboration is called ”slow living”.  This is the first impression I felt through her works, and nowadays I believe we all should start to learn to embrace the art of slow living and patience, while enjoying the little things and moments in life.  I hope this collaboration will bring you inspiration to your journal or any creative projects. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.


Dimension: (A6 Sheet) 4.2"x5.8"

Perforated postage stamp style sticker 

Made In Japan

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