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OSCOLABO Desk Tools Rubber Stamp

$ 12.00

OSCOLABO is a collaboration laboratory from the historic Japanese stamp store OSCO since 1923. The concept of OSCOLABO stamps is that the real creation does not end after one single stamping, there is always more possibilities when it comes to create something originally and unique of your own. Use OSCOLABO's stamps can easily create beautiful and unique patterns, perfect for scrapbooking, collage, mail art and journal decorations!


bulldog clip 30x30xH56mm(1.2x1.2x2.2in)
pin clip 6x30xH56mm (.2x1.2x2.2in)
paper clip 9x30xH56mm (.4x1.2x2.2in)
fountain pen tip 10.5x40xH56mm (.4x1.6x2.2in)
postage frame 26.5x22.5xH56mm (1.1x1x2.2in)

Made in Japan

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