Traveler's Notebook 2024 Diary - Monthly (Passport)

$ 10.00

This 2024 Monthly Diary Refill, designed exclusively for the TRAVELER'S notebook Passport Size. With its monthly block layout, you can effortlessly overview your entire month. Its compact passport size makes it portable, ideal for use as a secondary diary or simply to mark special dates like anniversaries or birthdays.

Crafted with the esteemed MD Paper, this refill promises an unparalleled writing experience, allowing for the use of multiple writing tools, including fountain pens, without any ink bleed. To enhance its personal touch, a guide and sticker sheet are included for customization.Weekly schedule, Calendar, Monthly schedule,

MD Paper (Sewn Bound). Bonus item: Diary Guide with Sticker

H 4.8" x W 3.5" x D 0.31"
Made In Japan

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