Midori 2024 MD Notebook Diary (A6)

$ 16.00

The Midori MD Notebook Diary presents a minimal overview-style planner, featuring a combination of lined and plain pages.

The paper is thoughtfully designed with a soothing cream tone, perfect for extended writing and sketching sessions. It stands up to bleeding and feathering, offering compatibility with fountain pen and watercolor inks.

- Dimensions: 6”x4.4"
- Line Spacing: 7mm
- Includes 2 pages for an annual calendar
- 28 pages dedicated to the monthly schedule (spanning December 2023 to January 2025)
- 113 pages divided into 8 memo sections (ruled line width of 7mm)
- 32 pages reserved for plain memo
- Totaling 175 pages
- Crafted in Japan

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