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Midori MD Wall Calendar 2024

$ 35.00

Introducing the latest addition to the MD Calendar series: the wall calendar, showcasing the distinctive texture and writing pleasure characteristic of MD Paper (Cream). Its minimalistic design offers a simplicity that complements any decor. With approximately one-third of each page left blank, you have ample room for your musings and creative sparks. Capture everything from furniture dimensions you're eyeing, to that restaurant name your friend mentioned on social media, or even the dreamy island you aspire to explore.

Embrace a level of freedom that digital tools just can't replicate.

Included with the wall calendar is an MD Pencil (B), ensuring you can swiftly jot down thoughts as they arise. The authenticity of pencil-written notes holds a warmth that pens can't quite match. As you freely express yourself in the blank space, revel in the harmony between pencil and paper. A minimalist elastic pen holder, colored in the same vibrant orange featured in our other calendars, keeps the pencil in place.

Dimensions: 48.3 x 30.7 x 1cm
Specifications: 12 sheets (1/2024 ~ 12/2024) calendar, includes 1 MD Pencil
Material: MD Paper, bound with a silver double ring

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