Traveler's Notebook 2024 Diary - Weekly (Passport)

$ 22.00

Introducing the 2024 Weekly Diary Refill, tailored for the TRAVELER'S notebook Passport Size. Each day of the week has been allocated generous space, ideal for notes, appointments, or daily reflections. It's the perfect companion for capturing daily moments.

At its core, this refill boasts the MD Paper, crafted with the quintessential writing experience in mind. From pencils to fountain pens, write freely without concerns of ink seeping through. To further personalize your diary, it includes a guide and sticker sheet.

- Weekly and Monthly schedules, Calendar
- MD Paper (Stitch Bound), Extra: Diary Guide accompanied by a Sticker

Dimensions: H 4.8" x W 3.5" x D 0.31"
Proudly crafted in Japan.

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