OURS Lily of Valley Fountain Pen/Rollerball Pen

$ 62.00

Printed with Taiwanese artist hank's beautiful hand drawings. Starting with the lovely lily of valley on the front, the body itself has a well-balance weight and in a rich dark blue color just like the night sky, It also complements the constellation drawing on the back of the pen nicely.



The roller pens are compatible with "Schmidt ceramic roller pen F', which can be found online. It's also compatible with "Zebra SARASA" refills, therefore you can change whatever colors you may like to write with!

The fountain pen comes with one black ink cartridge & one converter (same model as Kaweco skyline), so it's ready to go!

Matte finish paint, comes in paper box. Could also be a special gift for people who love writing and nature!

Made In Taiwan

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