Oana Befort Specical Delivery Decorative Stamps No.2

$ 5.80

Oana (pronounced "Wanna") is a Romanian-born graphic artist and freelance illustrator, wife, and mother of two based in the Midwest, United States. Her mixed-media illustrations are hand-drawn and reflect her unique visual approach and love for the natural world. Inspired by folk motives, flora, fauna, nostalgia, and everyday life, she is capturing the essence of her subjects and themes with visual balance, adding a quirky and modern interpretation to them.  She also translates all the above into her stationery line, hoping to bring something beautiful into a special occasion or brighten someone's day with an illustrated card.

Illustrated stamps inspired by Romanian folk motifs and my love for vintage stamps.

Pack of 4

For decorative use only, not valid as postage.

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