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Tadahiro Baba Iron Owl Japanese Vermilion Ink Pad (Cha)

$ 48.00

Born in 1930.  Tadahiro Baba is a Japanese artist and also an skillful iron craftsmen.  He established his own art&design studio in 1957. Since then, he has designed and produced many beautiful and one of kind pieces.  It's not hard to feel the warmth and unique sense of humor that he been trying to express and impact through his iron artworks.  

**Under the vermilion ink, there is a little space that will allows you to storage about 6~7 The Lotus Atelier Yura-No-In Wooden Stamps**

Dimension: L4.4"xW1.8"xH1.2"

Weight: 375 g

Material: Iron

Made In Iwate Prefecture, Japan


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